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12 Jan 2012  

Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium 64-bit

Mine is an Acer Aspire 5742G notebook was shipped with 3Gb (one 2Gb+one 1Gb module). The OS as I mentioned earlier is 64-bit Win'7 Home Premium, and it has mostly standard applications installed including MS-Office 2007 Professional, Adobe Reader, Norton IS 2012. I use the notebook to do some research on the web, or casually surf the net, and sometimes chat up with friends. So, I usually have IE9 with 3-4 tabs, FF9 with 10-12 tabs, and Chrome 16 with 15 odd tabs open. I realized that after working for a couple of hours, the system feels sluggish. I suspect it may be because of the browsers, which perhaps take up lots of RAM. When my system boots up I noticed that it shows 29% physical memory usage, but when I open a few Word or Excel files, and all three aforementioned browsers the physical memory shoots up to 69%. The Resource Monitor too shows 10Mb to 0Mb Free RAM, so I feel I may need to upgrade the RAM. Hence, I am considering an upgrade. Question is whether I should retain the 2Gb module and buy a 4Gb one (to replace the 1Gb RAM module) or would it help if I buy two 4Gb modules. I checked with Acer and am assured that my notebook can take two 4Gb modules.
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