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19 Jan 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Hello JMH and thank you for your advice

My proc as well as my GPU are running at stock frequency. I have read the specification for both of them and they are at exactly that.
I am not running any RAID. I just have a 500gigs SATA2 hdd in now. My other hdd is an 160gb ata hdd I manly keep for transfer purposes between pc and laptop and it's curently out of the case.

Thanks for that link. I already red all that is there, before creating this topic.
1) Like I said, i didn't OC anything

2) Temperature in idle as well as in load are acceptable. So no temp problems

3) Every driver is up to date. Even sound driver or lan driver.

4) Strange that I forgot to mention in the first post, but did a bios update to the latest official bios just a few hours before my last error

5) Windows is updated through Windows Update

6) Did everything on this step. Checked ram, stressed proc, checked HDD

7) Like I said, I would like to keep this as a last resort
8) Opened the case few hours before the test, pulled out and reinserted every component and cable.

9) Only component I can remove now would be one piece of ram, then the other. But that would take a long amount of time, because, like I said, I can go 2-3 days w/o the error. And taking into consideration I check, and literally double check the ram, I don't think the problem is there.

Any more advices? Thanks!

Would it help you guys if I do this: ?
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