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19 Jan 2012  

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Nah, keep doing what you're doing......that is "being helpful".
Although it may not be right to copy someone word for word, a generous rewording should suffice.
I've reworded, goofed, erred, offended and probably made more than a few people mad.
At over 1900 posts, I'm sure you've helped quite a few people.
Keep up the good work!
Actually, the only copying and pasting I did was using my own words. I keep an .rtf file with all my suggestions so I don't have to write them out each time since I am generally helping 15-20 people at a time. I just judiciously pick the steps that best fit a given scenario after CAREFULLY reading the person's posts. I admit that sometimes I miss a line when reading, but I didn't feel it justified being jumped on as I was.
Just advice, not a criticism.
Keep up the good work!!
I didn't think it was criticism. I just wasn't sure if you understood what I meant by copying and pasting, so I was trying to be clearer. When I use someone else's methods, I always cite the source, even if I use different words. My posts are often riddled with thanks to those who helped me understand things.
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