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16 Jul 2009  

Windows 7
Lost Dual Boot Menu..

Ok, i have windows 7 already installed fine on my 2x raptor raided drives, i decided to install xp 32 on a new partition on the 2x raided raptors, after using nlite to integrate my raid drivers into the new xp iso (no floppy) it installed fine on the new partition.

However, i saw no boot menu on reboot and every time xp would load by default with f8 showing no other OS to boot. I then ran the windows 7 64 dvd and attempted a repair of startup option, it failed 5 times in a row quoting a corrupt boot sector.

I was all ready to give up when suddenly it just repaired it after the 6th attempt, i did nothing different but it said to reboot so i did and to my incredible relief my win 7 install started booting again.

But again, no boot menu and this time the xp boot has been lost! Is there any way i can manually add something to get a dual boot function running?
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