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25 Jan 2012  

Win7 Home Premium 64bit
HDMI device in Sound manager

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. Warning...long explanation ahead.

I am in the process of setting up my audio preferences but I'm confused about various aspects of Win7 audio settings in the Device/sound manager.

A little background. My computers are part of a Recording Studio setup, and as such, one of my computers has an Maudio 1010lt audio interface card. As my studio is also an entertainment setup, I began to investigate if Win 7 has some kind of audio "profile" manager, whereby I might be able to select various "devices" or outputs that would AUTOMATICALLY be selected when various applications are started. For instance, when I use my DAW(Reaper), I would like Win 7 to automatically select the Maudio card as the IN/OUT as
the Maudio outputs(8) are connected to a patchbay, and are normalled to be connected to an analog mixer.
However, if I am listening to audio on the net, like Youtube etc, I would like the mobo onboard Stereo(front) outputs to be selected by the OS, as they are connected to a pair of standard computer powered speakers, as I do not want the mixer powered on during regular listening.
And then there is the movie thing. Since my mobo has Stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 as well as S/pdif output jacks,(and input), from what I understand, the S/pdif output must be used for Sound Surround as the onboard Realtec chips decode DVD etc to the S/pdif outputs, which I would like to connect to a SoundSurround reciever, with 5.1 speaker setup, of which the front speakers are used for standard Stereo that makes any sense.

Anyway, as I looked at the Device/Sound manager screen, I saw an "HDMI" device in the list.(see screenshot). Well, I don't have anything in the computer that has an HDMI output. So, I am curious. Can anyone tell me what this "HDMI" device is or what it is referring to?

I have lots of questions regarding this, but I need to solve the HDMI thing first. Once I understand how the Device/Sound manager works, maybe I can figure out some other things without having to ask here. Anyway, here is a screenshot showing the HDMI "device". What is this referring to?

Thanks for any insight.

ps, now that I've previewed my post, I see the image is pretty blurred. Sorry. The HDMI device is highlighted in Pink.

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