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25 Jan 2012  

Win7 Home Premium 64bit

OMG!! That was fast! You posted before I even uploaded the pics!Ok,

It is possible that the HDMI audio showing is for your video card as the 8800 GT does support audio over HDMI but ony when connected/configured like this,
Hmmm, I don't understand the HDMI thing in regards to my 8800. It only has two DVI outputs. Sometimes I get confused about this stuff. How does HDMI relate to my video card? I'll read the link though. Maybe it will explain.

You can also locate the HDMI device in Device Manager and if present look up the DevID or VenID,
Hmmm, I thought I WAS in the Device Manager. I'm kinda new to Win7, so please excuse my lack of knowledge in regards to this OS. I'm used to XP. In fact, when I go into Control Panel, I don't see the "device manager" per se. Where is it?

Ok, I'll read up on this stuff and get back to you. Still have a ton of questions. Maybe some aren't related to Win 7, but I need to figure them out. Thanks for the quick reply. And btw, I'm trying to complete my daily wifes "honey do" list at the same time I'm replying..hence little delays.
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