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25 Jan 2012  

Win7 Home Premium 64bit

Hmmm, I would have thought the Realtek drivers were already in the Mobo drivers. But Ok, Ill check. second thought, I bought this computer on ebay, and when shipped it was already assembled. I modded the case, installed a new HD, and reloaded win7. Maybe I need to download the drivers for the EVGA mobo...ya think? Although, I don't know how it would run without the mobo drivers installed. The previous owner did NOT ship the Mobo CD with the computer. Completely forgot about that. Well, looks like one more thing to solve.

Oh, something else just occured to me. The Maudio manual says the card supports Soundsurround. Don't understand yet what that means. I'm wondering if the card accesses the chip? other? This stuff is so confusing. And I don't understand what the Realtec chips really control? The Stereo/5.1/7.1 outputs AND the S/pdif outputs too? Otherwise, how would the different channels be sent to the various outputs to connect line level speakers? whew...this is frying my brain...which was already fried last night thinking about it. (sigh)
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