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25 Jan 2012  

Win7 Home Premium 64bit

Holy moly you are fast.

You want old drivers, get it from EVGA.

You want the latest Realtek driver follow the links from here,
stormy13, I'm not a computer "techy" type. Mostly just a user. Heck, I hadn't even heard of the Realtek name until last night while doing some research on the DTS stuff. My card came with the system and didn't have any CD's or accessories. The reason I was posting here was I'm thinking about a new GPU just so I could hook up a new HDTV to it. Hence the HDMI thing...good god, all these abbreviations are getting hard to remember too.
you connect the SPDIF header on the video card to the SPDIF header on either the motherboard or sound card if using one
Oh. I was wondering about that. So, would I connect the S/pdif out on the mobo, to the SPDIFf In on the Maudio card first? And then connect the SPDIF output on the soundcard to the SPDIF in on the video card? I wasn't even aware there WAS a SPDIF jack on the 8800!! Learn something new every day!

One other thing. Can I use a standard 75ohm cable with RCA adapters ? That is if they make that sort of adapter. Just trying to save every cent I can. I'm semi retired and on a pretty fixed income. And thanks for all the really helps.
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