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28 Jan 2012  

windows 7 Professional

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a noob question, now what coreclock & memclock your gpu in now? what's the max core & mem that amd overdriver provide for OC?
well ill say again, i use overdrive for cpu and trixx for gpu, but the defaults are, cor 880, memory 1375, and voltage 1175
well i guess i don't get what the point is. Your first post saying that you need clues on how far you could oc the gpu ( core, mem & voltage ) and how safe it would be.
pretty much, im a bit new to this so information is pertinent. im not entierly sure how we got to this point. ultimately what it comes down to, is what do i need to do to stay safe, is there a maximum clock i shoulnt pass as a general rule of thumb for this card? i understand temp, but wht are some good ways to keep that down in the first place? is there a certain "bad mixture of too much voltage to clock like there is in cpu overclocking? and how far do you suggest i start off with just for a little extra boost to try it out, and how to work from there. these are just some things i hope to gain from this
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