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29 Jan 2012  

windows 7 Professional

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if i may ask... what does msi afterburner that trixx doesnt have, not to say i dont agree or that youre wrong...
The main reason I suggested AB is that it's a proven OC app that works on both AMD and nvidia cards. Trixx hasn't earned it's rep yet.

I've been using it for quite a while with a few different cards and it's a solid tool. I haven't used Trixx as it's only for AMD cards.

They essentially do the same thing, so it's more of a personal preference. AB also has Kombuster included in the d/l as a separate installation (a burn in/furmark like stability app).

Ultimately all you need is a reliable app that adjusts your clock speeds and voltages. Try both and use whichever one you prefer.

As already mentioned, start by increasing the core and mem on stock volts, test with kombuster/furmark - look for artifacts (flickering, dots, app crash, system crash etc)

When you find the wall with stock volts, then you bump the voltage up a notch. Re-test / increase core and mem. Always keep an eye on temps. To play it 'safe' you can always set the fan to 100% during testing and adjust that later.

Start with a baby OC like 900/1400 and walk it up in increments. (920/1425, 940/1450, 950/1500 etc)

It's the excess voltage that is more dangerous than increasing core/mem speeds.

The worst that can happen when testing the limits on stock volts is that the PC will crash. There is no 'dangerous' clock speed per se. Simply keep an eye on the temps as you increase.
thank you for clarification, also what is kombuster?
i dont think i will be able to use this, it is not supporting my card, i have a sapphire 6970, but it is not changing the gpu when i edit fan speed, or really anything else.
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