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02 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 home premium
BSOD flashes for a second then crashes on startup after switching HDD

Ok so I have 2 laptops, the one mentioned here Supervirus and a new one. I was trying to see if swapping the hard drives would fix it, but it didn't. So I swapped them back and when I tried to turn on the new working computer I keep getting a BSOD flash for a split second before it crashes the laptop. I have many many important photos and school papers etc on it and I want to recover them ASAP. But I can't even log into the laptop because it will show the loading windows 7 animation for a few seconds, freeze, and do the BSOD then crash. I have a computer that I can use to burn any cd's or flash drives or w/e but I need to get those documents off the laptop. When I tried to do system restore the first time didn't work and gave me an error code. The second time it worked but when I tried to boot up the same thing happened. Please help
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