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04 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 Pro x64 (1), Win7 Pro X64 (2)

You are misinterpreting what the DISKMGMT output is telling you.

Your System Reserved partition IS the "boot partition"... it is marked as "ACTIVE". It really doesn't need to have a drive letter (and you can use DISKMGMT to un-letter it), but it IS where the BIOS is going to start the boot process. That is where the boot manager files are.

Your C-partition is the Win7 system partition, and is used as the bootable OS partition by boot manager. But your "active" partition IS the "system reserved" partition.

Now, although you haven't provided all the information I'd like to see, it appears that you have "pagefile" distributed across 3 drives... or at least there exists a pagefile.sys on 3 partitions on 3 drives: C, P and Q. Why??

Honestly, that could be impacting performance I would think. You don't need that. Just leaving the pagefile on your C-drive should be perfectly fine, and perhaps optimal for you. These might be residual copies of pagefile.sys, or they may be active. Don't know. But your System Properties should be checked, to see why you have three pagefile locations.

You can either let the system manage the pagefile (which should keep it all on C), or you can manually configure things to guarantee it's only on C.

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