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04 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit

Hi. Well I restored my system to how it was before I had these problems from a system image I made about a week ago. So my System reserved partition no longer has a drive letter (that was only a temporary thing anyway). But my PC STILL boots a lot more slowly than it did a week ago - the image restored just fine, so I have no idea why boot times aren't restored to how they were before. Sounds impossible. I'll have to troubleshoot that separately I guess (will post a new thread if necessary).

As for the page file, I have always had Windows set up so that there is a minimal page file on the C drive (for crash dumps etc.) and then the main page file on a separate physical disc. There have been many posts across Windows forums demonstrating that that improves performance, but maybe that isn't the case with my setup (Windows 7 on an SSD). I doubt that it would cause a performance decrease though - as I say I have always had the page file set like this: it wouldn't account for increased boot times, if that's what you meant.

Thanks for setting me straight re. the information in Disk management - I just assumed that the boot label showed which partition was the active boot partition.

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