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08 Feb 2012  

Win7 Ult x64 SP1

^ ok, let's begin with this:

1. Run IBT or Prime95 for 2 minutes, open HWMonitor to see vcore during stressing and core temp to see temp. Once it's completed, you can see what's your max. vcore and temp.

2. I need more BIOS picts to see how the menu looks like.
- Press enter CPU Clock Ratio ( then see what i looks like - as i see from your bios your basic clock is 200 Mhz and your default clock 3000Mhz, it might be that the CPU Clock Ratio is 30X - just my guess ).

- Press enter System Voltage Control ( there' should be at least 2 options - Auto or Manual ).

Ok, just to steps of BIOS menu I'd like to know how they tell us before we go any further.
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