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09 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 Pro 32bit
"Access Denied" to network share once moved to 7..but works on XP

We have a number of users that have lost access to the network share My Documents where everything they create is redirected and stored on a Sunfire server with the data on NFS volume. We are a Xen virtual shop running Server 2003. We've just built a Server 2008 that we are going to promote to PDC.
What's more baffling is that it is happening on newly built Dell 390 Windows 7 Pro and some existing Dell W7 Pro machines but not on the old XP PCs. When it first appeared the user went from XP to 7. He still has access to the share on the XP machine but on his W7 pro he gets an "Access Denied. See your Administrator" message when trying to open MS office docs or PDFs or photos. If I log into the new W7 PC as domain admin and try and copy the documents from the share to his W7 desktop I get a "you must have permission from user to do this". When I go back to my W7 PC I have no problem moving users documents around.

User has full control of folder and all subfolders, user is the owner of folder and is an administrator on the PC. I've set up the trust center in MS Office to specifically trust the path & share that we redirect to. I've used the Take Ownership utility I found on this forum on the parent folder to no avail. I set the Local Security Policy on the W7 PC for "Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level to "Send LM & NTLM - >useNTLMv2 session security if negotiated" and rebooted.

In another case there is a user that has access to his shares on a W7 PC that was built 6 months ago but not from the one that was just built. This led us to believe that it was something about only the new W7 builds that had lost some trust in AD.
Finally just when we thought it was only the newly imaged PCs that were doing this before rolling out another W7 PC I had a user log into an existing W7 PC before plopping down the new "share killer" W7 box and she was getting the same "Access denied" message on the older W7 PC.
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