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10 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 Pro 32bit


1. Share is on Windows 2003 Server
2. All PCs have been added to the domain.
3. File and print sharing are enabled by default
4. To try and solve the issue. My friend had this issue at his company where he is director of IT and this solved the issue.
5. Yes
6. Yes. No errors relative to this issue.
7. Done. No issues.
8. Has no impact on problem
9. We have all checked the permissions several times. We are domain admins and have full rights but can't move his files from the share to his desktop.
10. We own the servers. Accessed by users via RPCs. No VPN's involved since we're all onsite.
11. The login scripts are pushed out by the Group Policy that's in force so we do not need to modify them. We only have 3 XP PCs left in the enterprise. The rest are already on 7 with the login script working fine. We even deleted the original share and recreated it and applied the permissions and problem persists.

Thanks for your tip. It was more or less a stream of consciousness.
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