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10 Feb 2012  

windows 7 home premium

Hi, Im currently trying the same dual boot scenario, once you copy the partition, instal;l EasyBCD. Goto [BCD Backup/Repair] and click (reset BCD config) then (perform action). This will reset where bcd finds the partitions. Youre not done yet, now you have to re-create the boot loader.. easy... select [Add New Entry] and select your appropriate config.. windows version, what drive its on.. now click (Add Entry). click only once, it wont show you that it added it, but it does.. you wont see them until you goto [Edit Boot Menu] when youre done. Now select the other location of your second windows and drive letter, then (Add Entry) again.. When youre done goto [Edit Boot Menu] to verify that you have both windows in the menu, you can rename them to Windows Home and Windows Work, or whatever at this point now SAVE SETTINGS!! If you dont save system will NOT boot.. Happy hunting...

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