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14 Feb 2012  

7 HP & ULT
HELP! - With Free Space

Hi all-
I seem to have a problem with Windows 7 not updating the Free Space of my HDD. I've been deleting and/or moving files and my Primary HDD doesn't recognize the fact that there has been a change. For illustrative purposes, I've included 2 screenshots, one of what I see when I open 'Computer:'
HELP! - With Free Space-harddisk1.png
...and one of WinDirStat (which is, AFAIK, a true representation of what is actually on my HDD...)
HELP! - With Free Space-windirstat.png

I somehow managed to regain 3GB (up to 6GB), but I'm missing much more. Any help/insight is appreciated. I've run CHKDSK, and I've looked for everything I can think of, all with no joy. (The highlights in WinDirStat are mine.)

Thanks for looking.


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