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16 Feb 2012  
Fast Jimmy

Windows 7 Home Premiuum 64 bit SP1
Windows 7 Downloading Issues Via IE & Firefox Browsers

I went through 14 pages of results for ‘Downloading Failure’ and was unable to find anything relevant to my issue. If I have missed something previously posted I apologize for the redundancy.

I also read MANY Google results for the same search without finding any solution.

Some months back my wife’s Toshiba suffered a major issue and she replaced it with a HP G72-B60US. This notebook has an Intel i3 M370@2.4Ghz, has 4GB memory, and runs Windows Seven Home Premium 64 Bit SP1.

I initially set it up for her but very seldom even touch it.

Recently she was having email issues (using Thunderbird 3) and asked me to take a look at it. I noticed that there was a Thunderbird update available so I thought I would just download it in the hopes that it would cure the issue

Using Firefox we attempted (several times) to download the update. It would seemingly go through the download process but then it would not be there. I have set Firefox to ask where to download and checked that folder AND the entire HD. As we are on HughesNet and it was in the evening I could actually watch the .part file grow in size. Then when the download was ‘complete’ the file would disappear.

If I right clicked on the file in the Firefox Downloads the ‘Open’ and ‘Open Containing Folder’ ARE NOT highlighted.

I finally downloaded the file to my Vista notebook and put it over via a jump drive.

I have tried the following with the noted results.

Download A Picture From A Web Site (Right Click – Save As)
IE 64 Bit Yes
IE 32 Bit Yes
Firefox No

Save A Picture From An Email Attachment (Using Thunderbird 10.0.1)
Right Click Save As While Clicking On Picture Yes
Right Click Save As While Clicking On Picture’s Name Yes

Download A File From A Website
IE 64 Bit No
IE32 Bit No
Firefox No

Download An Update From An Application.
CCleaner No (This application sends you to a web site and then you must initiate the download)
RevoUninstaller Yes (This application initiates the download, updates itself but does NOT save a copy to the HD)
FileZilla Yes This application initiates the download, saves a copy to the HD, and updates itself.)

Download a file via ftp (Filezilla 3.5.3) Yes

I just used Windows Update to download W7 SP1and a Windows Essentials definition update. It downloaded both without any problems. But unfortunately had no positive effect on the downloading issue.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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