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17 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)

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That is a one sided question, I'm sure they can both accomplish the same things.
But how fast they do them, added features, etc.

If anyone doesn't think Windows 8 is for them, for any reason, then Windows 7 is an excellent OS.

Windows 8 Will Be a Winner: 10 Reasons Why

From post #13
Improved multi-monitor support
Native USB 3.0 stack
Reduced boot time
Significantly lower memory footprint
Storage Spaces (virtualized storage pools)
New files system (ReFS)
Improved SSD support and performance
Built-in antivirus and spyware protection
Improved automatic updating system (less frequent reboot required updates)
Built in support for creating system images and full system restore
Built-in ISO mounting
Built-in VHD mounting
Built-in PDF support
Automatic cloud based backup of system settings, Personal files, and Metro applications
New interface for Shadow Copy
Windows Store sells desktop software
Drastically improved task manager
Drastically improved file management allowing you to pause file copying jobs and finish them later
Windows 8 has basically become rootkit proof when combined with UEFI

Various reviews of the beta candidate builds confirm noticeably improved performance over Windows 7 SP1.
Am I alone thinking that Windows Store selling software is not at all a feature of an OS? Personally I will remove/disable this immediately after getting W8.

UEFI has nothing to do with the OS either - and my current hardware does not support it. Mind you, I'm not planning a hardware upgrade in the foreseeable future.

I don't care for the Cloud features and boot time - my current system boots faster than it takes me to make a sandwich .

Now, the thing that I would welcome in a new OS is an improvement of the basic OS functions, namely file copying speeds. Currently to copy a file between two folders takes too long, it's simply too slow compared to the theoretic hardware capabilities. Ext file system (the one used on UNIX machines) is way faster than NTFS. Is the new file system for W8 faster than NTFS? If so, I will certainly upgrade. If not, I just don't see a point (beyond simple curiosity and pure love for new shiny gadgets ).

And unfortunately I too have read somewhere that the new file system will not make it to the consumer desktop edition of W8. Is that so? Which file system is used in the developers preview (I skipped that one)?
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