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23 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 Home Version 32 bit

I have had 1 1/2 years. have has a Dell Window 7 for @ Inspiron 17 32 bit preminum.I', not drunk but it sure looks that way after I try sending a message. It's like the system is posessed, it make me crazy. It will highlight parts of my message like I'm going to curt and paste when I'm not. I have no control and I'm so tired of this feature.

This first sentance I typed in this message is a perfect example of what is happening when I type. Words bounce around, curser gets lost. I spend more time fixing the sentences I've already typed than the amount of time it took to type the message. This has only been happening in the last month or so. Could this have been one of the newer updates from windows? I going to try to follow the information that was given in one of the earlier comments. Though I don't have a HP, perhaps Window 7 will have something similar.
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