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24 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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No matter what is the size of the icon if you set large icons the height of the task bar is increased and the gap will always be there.
As a proof try to enable the toolbar "links" that by default is empty and set large icons. The gap will be created.
I created the Recycle Bin on my Taskbar awhile ago and a few hours ago I noticed this gap. I was so sure it didn't used to be there I spent the next few hours trying to revert it back, including several System Restores. Nothing worked. I now know why.

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And btw the gap disappears magically if you unlock the toolbar, increase height, move it to the opposite side of the screen, resize it to minimum height and move it back to the original position. The problem is that when you reboot the gap reappears.
You life saver!

I was so sure I didn't used to have the gap and must've done this at some point. I hibernate so rarely have to reboot.

Whilst it's a pain having to do that, given that I rarely reset, I'll just do that each time. I REALLY hate the gap and the Small Icon view means you cannot see the picture clearly enough to see if you've got anything in the Recycle Bin.

So it's worth jigging it about once per session.
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