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25 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 Enterprise x64
I've no idea how to call this, but i need help, please..

Hi guys,
I joined here hoping i can fix this problem the easier way. I'm by no means pc expert, so consider this as a noob question. Let me get to the point.

I was getting this update warning every few minutes, which i believe was fake, and i saw it's coming from consent.exe, so i went in system32, found it and shift+delete. I was happy that messages stopped, but i can't run most programs now. I even got a copy of consent.exe sent me by a friend, thought i could just paste it back there and will be fine, but i am not allow to modify that, and most of the folders on my pc, most likely because this file is missing, so i'm pretty much trapped. (Can't run system restore either)

Now i know if i reinstall the system it will be normal, but i just did that 2 weeks ago and had everything set up properly by now, i really hope there is another way to fix this.

Thanks in advance.
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