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26 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit

Heya thanks for the help! I downloaded service pack 1 and havent gotten a single blue screen...... but I have gotten tons of other screens =(. Instead of blue screens I now regularly get red, green, white and yellow screens anytime I launch starcraft 2 or star wars the old republic. ALTHOUGH I was able to play starcraft 2 for a little bit.

The first time I launched SC2 it crashed, second time it ran perfectly, third time perfectly. I stopped playing for a bit and I downloaded star wars the old republic because I wanted to try other games out. Thats when the solid color crashes started, and ever since then I havent been able to play any games with high end graphics. Is it my video card? My ram? I was able to play starcraft I dont understand why it would just **** up like that!
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