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26 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 64-bit
Help with troubleshooting (crashing with irresponsivness)

I've had my computer for a few years, and never have had this problem, but there it only one thing I can relate it too. The new windows update. Eversince the new windows update (I believe it was the one on Presidents Day..) my computer has been acting some someone else. First, it would freeze on the welcome loading up the desktop. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. Next I would make it to the desktop (alright cool..) but then my start up menu would crash and then explorer would crash. I couldn't do anything but restart. Now taking aside situation 1 I would freeze before loading up the desktop, or after. ( Yet explorer never said it was not responding.)

I was getting fed up really having two instances of crashing, so I called in my cousin. He has gotten me out of many jams with my computer ever since I got my first computer. Hes a great dude; but he loaded up safe mode, closed some stuff with ms config and said nothing should be happening. He then did a diskcleanup and left. I started my computer up and it seemed problems nothing.

Looking like the disk cleanup fixed there is still one major issue im still having, the computer works and usually starts up without any freezes on the desktop now, but when Im on a program and it crashes for whatever reason, it springs up a domino effect. Soon other things start to crash after I close it. For instance Il have steam up, it crashes, I go to my start menu and try to search something, and it wont search the program (i.e I search something like Skype on run, nothing happens.) Then that crashes, causing other things to crash, until the whole desktop is just frozen. (Yet no error message from explorer what so ever) I was told it wasn't a bad ram stick and everything hardware wise is working fine.

I am assuming this to the windows update because it started happening after said update. Any help is appreciated, for on patch Tuesday this problem isn't fixed, I might have to reformat, because when I was trying to fix my computer's issue when it was more prominent I mistakenly wiped my older restore points..

Sorry for the great wall o'text but I don't know what else to go or say. Its a pain in the rear end.
( Have already scanned for malware with two different good programs, this isn't an issue, ive done defrags, disk cleanups, optimizations.)
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