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26 Feb 2012  

Windows 7 64-bit

Thank you for your help, for the sake of my problem I'm not going to check resolved but Im sure this helped.

EDIT: Some quick information ever since the return, I've been doing some experimenting, and all of the stuff i did seems to have solved the problem, now alas when a program crashes it doesn't set off a ticking time bomb of everything going insane, but one problem still remains. When my computer has been on for a bit (about 20-30 minutes) some programs wont work/open and some of them crash (but can be reopened) Yet some things I can do in those programs will cause it to crash,(say trying to play a game on steam crashes it but loading it up is fine) and it won't beable to work again without a restart. But im atleast very satisfied now that everything just about works and I won't be getting random crashes.

EDIT 2: The problems are managable, yet I have realized that when I don't start up programs after start up (firefox, steam, etc) they won't work and crash. This happened to me after I idled after a random crash of firefox after a reboot, and firefox did not work (nor did other programs) so I had to restart again and load it up only a little bit after startup.

I may reset my computer to factory settings (reformat) after Tuesday if it's not something with windows. I will also go through the drivers again.
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