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27 Feb 2012  

w7 64b Home Premium

An update.
I found the original restoredisk for the computer.

First I tried booting with one memory stick, then the other one, then swapping slots. No luck in any configuration.

Then I tried to boot from an ubuntu live cd to see if there was anything under My Documents that I could copy to the data disk. Did not work. I got to the option to run it from CD, when I selected that the screen got black with a blinking cursor at the top, after a while the cd spun down and the keyboard got disconnected.

Then I unplugged the data disk and booted from the restoredisk to restore the SSD. First run I got the EMS restore option, but selected to back out of it since I hadn't disconnected the Data disk (better safe than sorry).

Tried again with only the SSD connected and exactly the same thing happened as before, it loads files, goes to Loading Windows, then black and the Cd powers down.

Tried to reset the bios, after trying to boot I had to change it so it boots from CD first, default was USB.
Did not help.

Finally I unplugged both disks in the machine (both SATA & Power) and tried to boot into Ubuntu again, did not work, same as before.

So basically I get the same behaviour with or without harddrives, with or without the Nvidia card, in all memory configurations, with a reset bios. It's only the PSU, motherboard, CD-drive and processor left that I can't change.

I'll see if I can borrow a SATA drive tomorrow to see if that would enable a system restore, if so I'll yank the SSD and reformat it from my own PC and then try again.

And no, the Vendor has not replied on my supportrequest yet
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