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02 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
Windows 7 & WMP Auto Generates Album art

I'm having very frustrating issues with my music library and trying to organize it to have the right album artwork. Here's the scenario below.

Typical scenario

1. Under the library tab every single option is unchecked, specifically "Retrieve Additional Information from the Internet" = UNCHECKED

2. Browse to a folder containing 45 mp3 files. 44 are from one album. The last one is from another band with no album artwork. So it should display the generic music note symbol when I play it in WMP 12 correct? Well it DOES do this if I open it up first.


3. First file opened in WMP creates a folder and AlbumArt jpeg.

4. Subsequent files opened in that folder now use these jpegs displaying the wrong image for the mp3 file.

Here's the thing, I do not want to keep occurring. WHY is it happening. How do I make it stop most importantly of all? my media library littered with jpegs, I like my files to be portable with any art included within the file.

NOTE: I've even tried making the entire Music folder "Read Only" which I think is very extremely and a higly retarded "solution" but at this point I'm so fed up I'm willing to try anything. However the "Read Only" option is a bunch of sh*t. It doesn't work. The folder.jpg is still being created by WMP and Windows 7 after I play a song within that folder....

Any workaround to the problem greatfully received, as for Microsoft, I'm so sick and tired of this bs.
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