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04 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 Pro 32

what does the green steady lights mean anyway? ill try to fix it later on today since it's almost 4am and need to rest...

also the connector should be on tight when i removed and add old ram because it was fine til i replaced it with the new rams.. not sure what's going on.. other desktop used new ram but it's working fine but not this one.

yes that's my pc but it uses Pentium D rather than premium 4 same motherboard and I think it's Intel Cortez.. trying to find if there's new motherboard that uses same fan and things from old motherboard.

I think I got the ESD, I got shocked lots of times and few years back though it happen when computer was on.... this time, the computer was off but the plug was still plugged into the wall and forgot to unplug it
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