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05 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 Pro x64
Random BSODs and application errors

Hey folks,
I'm working on my cousin's computer which I just put together for him the other week. Since he took it home, it has been the victim of repeated blue screens and application failures. Since the computer was basically brand new, and there was no risk of losing any files, I first reinstalled Windows.

The PC continued to blue screen, leading me to eventually run the memory checker which found several issues. After trial and error, I determined that one of the 4gb sticks was bad, and removed it.

The PC was fine for about three hours while I installed updates, but began to randomly quit Firefox. This was followed by several new blue screens. Its worth noting that i've also run check disk, as well as another round of the memory checker.

At this point i'm stumped. I can't recreate the blue screens on a consistent basis, and it seems that each time one happens, there is a different reason and error code associated with it.

Attached in the zip file are the dmp files and health report. The one error present in the report is my flash drive, which was not inserted while the blue screens were occurring.

Any help with this would be great. Thanks

Just realized I didn't post system specs:

AMD Athlon II x3 @ 3.3 ghz
ASUS M4A88T-M Motherboard
8GB Mushkin Enhanced RAM *(Currently 4gb, one bad stick)
500gb HDD
700 watt Corsair PSU
Nvidia GTS 250 512mb
HP DVD Drive
My System SpecsSystem Spec