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10 Mar 2012  

Windows 10 Education 64 bit

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Hi everyone
Perhaps we're asking the WRONG question here.

Instead of saying whether the UPGRADE is worth the price or not -- perhaps we should be asking --when you buy your NEXT computer will you STICK with W7 or Choose W8 as I'm sure by then an upgrade path will be available.

If you are happy TODAY on the computer(s) you are using and there isn't a "killer" feature on W8 that "You Must Have" then stick with the old OS.

I stayed for ages and ages with XP on one laptop -- it did everything I wanted and I couldn't be bothered to upgrade to W7. However when I got a NEW machine that was another issue.

Most of the threads here seem aimed at the UPGRADE market -- I think MS is changing the marketing strategy to appeal to the NEXT generation of NEW Windows users.

I can't see ANY business upgrading to W8 for years yet as some of them have barely started converting to W7 from XP --and I've still seen a few W2K servers around too!!!.

A lot of die hard users won't (predictably) like this version of Windows -- but you might find it appeals to a load of the current newer generation who seem to spend all day long staring into their mobile phones.

Big Market out there.

I build my desktop PCs myself, so the way it is now I'd buy Windows 7 if I built a new rig. At some point I would really like to get a tablet and if it came with Windows 8 preinstalled I'd give it a go. If I was buying a laptop I'm not so sure I'd want Windows 8 on it and if I had the option I think I'd go with Windows 7.
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