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10 Mar 2012  
Coke Robot

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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Eight is great! Honestly, some people just don't like change.
For some people, there isn't sometimes a good reason to make changes. I look at the way that I use a computer and I look at Windows 7 and find very little that I would change to make myself more proficient in getting things done. From my limited experience with using Windows 8, I found that I had to learn how to do basic tasks all over again, and I often times had to click through multiple screens and dialog boxes to do the same tasks that I would do in less steps with Windows 7.

A big factor for me on using a new operating system is cost. Changes aside, the question becomes whether spending $199 or $299 provides enough additional benefits to outweigh the costs. I was never a big fan of Vista, and didn't upgrade my main desktop from XP as I didn't see any value in Vista. However, when I built my new rig, I invested in a copy of Windows 7 as it seemed a substantial upgrade from XP. But I haven't seen enough evidence that investing in Windows 8 is going to make me happy or feel that the cost of the upgrade was worth it.
Initially, when I was used the Developer Preview back in September, I didn't realize I could shut down without logging off for about three days. Then when I did, everything basic fell into place, and I was able to use the Start Screen's better navigation. And now with the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, I already know the basics, and am learning of the new things Microsoft put into it. It's quite a system!

Honestly, if people are still using xp, upgrading to Windows 8 will be like, ZOOM! It's stupid fast! The Consumer Preview made me feel like I was using Windows 7 on a SSD most of the time, and I'm using a hard drive! Startup, shutdown, sleep and resume, and hibernate and resume are all faster. It literally takes a laptop, literally 1 second to resume and be already connected to wifi and back into the Desktop or Start Screen or where ever.

Setting that aside, just the Start Screen is enough to make me upgrade. Using it, the start menu just doesn't cut it anymore...
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