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10 Mar 2012  

Windows XP Will Soon be Windows 7

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I have recurring "not responding" programs in Win 7. The affected programs are MS Office, Cad programs, Photoshop, etc. I tested my ram and all is good. Processor and temps are all excellent. Hard drive has no bad sectors. All drivers have been updated. Problem usually (but not always) goes away after reboot. I'm stumped!
Velocity Micro running Win 7 64, 8 GB ram, Intel core i7 870, nvidia gx 275.

From your system description it does not make sense you should be having any problems. Do you have a proper working virus and malicious software scanner running? This is important.

In case you have some OS files that are damaged, try running SFC /SCANNOW. This must be run from the system prompt. You will have to be logged in with full administrator rights in your system to use this utility. With SFC you will need the installation disk for Win7 (OS), or have the complete installation file sets on the hard disk where SFC can find them.

SFC is System File Compare. This software will look for system files that do not properly match to the original OS installation. It will then prompt you to allow them to be corrected if it finds any at fault.

You can also run from the system prompt CHKDSK /F This utility will scan the hard disk and look for any general type of files that are causing execution faults, and make the best possible attempt to fix them.

From your description, there are may be damaged files, or the hard disk is defective in some sectors, or there are some software files that are causing problems.

In the worse case, you would have to re-install the complete system.
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