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13 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

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You could try cleaning the keyboard to make sure there isn't something jammed up under the key. A can of compressed air should blow out the dust bunnies without damaging any keys. Worst case scenario you may have to replace the keyboard and hope its the keyboard thats defective and not the motherboard interface. The canned air would be good for blowing the dust out of the air vents too. That may fix your other problem. You can get the canned air cleaners at Staples, Futureshop, or your local computer shop.
i was hoping for something else but you could be right. i was just curious: why of all keys must the HOMEKEYS be affected among other keys? i kinda guessed that it is something to do with BIOS being spoiled or some other software and/or driver issue. in any case, please note that i've already pressed the one-key recovery button to return it to its factory setting but the problem still persist.

as for blowing off dust with a can of compressed air; i will have to google/bing it since we don't get to see different types of computer equipment/tools here on our island. in other words, i will have to make a special order with one of our importers.

thanks anyways and pls keep shooting me.
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