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14 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
Multiple code errors, BSOD while gaming/netflix/idle...

This has been happening for the past four months now to no avail. I get BSOD about every 1-4 days, often with different messages, but the average as of right now is 1e.

Built this system in October 2010. I've always had BSOD problems, but with work getting in the way and not really using my comp for a year, I wasn't able to tackle the problem. Now, while playing League of Legends it often crashes, or any other game (every 1-2 days) or when I'm just streaming something on netflix. I've had times when it'll blue screen while it's been at the log in screen. I'm baffled.

I've ran countless Memtest86's (7 pass minimum), seaDOS tool, disk check, sfc /scannow... everything checks out. I've reformatted my computer most recently (it's been often) around mid January.

Around that time, I decided that maybe it was my power supply, ram or video card, so I bought all new stuff. BSOD kept happening, reran tests, still checked out. I've checked and double checked all my drivers. I really am at a loss.

Went on Asus' forums for my motherboard, since RAM wasn't on compatibility list and asked about it. They said it should be fine if it passes memtest. Cool n' Quiet is also disabled on my BIOS, as they said that is also a frequent BSOD antagonist.

No original OS.
Windows 7 full retail, reformatted in January.
CPU, HDD, MoBo, October 2010
PSU, RAM, GPU, November 2011

Specs in profile, but just for reference...
MoBo: ASUS M4A88T-M USB 3.0
PSU: Corsair TX650W
CPU: AMD Phenom II 3.1 GHz
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1Tb 7200.12
RAM: G. Skill Ripjaw series, DDR3 1600 8Gb (4Gb x 2)
GPU: Powercolor Radeon HD 6850 1 Gb
Avira Anti Virus, Malwarebytes as defense software.

I hope I attached the .zip files correctly.

Thank you!
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