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14 Mar 2012  

Windows 10 Pro. EFI boot partition, full EFI boot

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Ya whats weird is i went to the manufactors site for my MB i got now and its not even showing up no more like it was other day...kinda weird so i thought site was down so i checked another asus board that uses same site and there download section for stuff was up but mine aint no more for some reason...not sure what that means...

And just so im clear cuz i been up for awhile and dragging bad lol, u did agree that the z68 one in link i provided was good one and just not a z68 different version right? Im new to building so just wanna make sure i understood u right before i make a purchase ty for the input too by the way
Their management of their sites is pretty bad. Their ftp site is up and down for example.

Anyway didn't mean to come off for an add for Amazon, I would just check out return policies.

Yes, I think the Z68 in the link is what I have. Once I got the replacement, it is fine. I am running a 2500k @ 4.5 GHz in it.
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