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19 Jul 2009  

Windows 7 RC 7100 Build
I cant seem to share my hard drive w/ other PCs

I'm going to use Windows 7 for my media center PC. Its going to be a machine without a monitor, I'll just stream from extenders and control it with for now. I've currently got 3 XP machines, I like to be able to share the hard drives and map them on my other PCs to easily drop files onto them. But I've noticed since Vista, I just cant access those hard drives. I try to map it, and usually the PC shows up but nothing is there to select. At the most, my wife's Vista laptop has allowed me to access her Public folder but thats it. Its got the be one of the biggest annoyances with vista for me. We have no firewalls or virus software (i just hate rather reformat than sacrifice PC performance), we use the windows built in firewall but thats it.

I'm really enjoying Windows 7 RC so far while testing media center on it. I want to use it for all my PCs but I get so annoyed when I go through the sharing process and the drive has the "hand" underneath it and I still cant access it from other PCs.

Any help is appreciated, and I'm I the only one who feels like MS decided we are too stupid to operate our computers as we want to after the XP days?
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