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19 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 home premium 64 bit sp1
A couple of chkdisk questions

Hi, I was following a tutorial regarding windows 7 chkdisk. In the tutorial they said you could do it 3 ways, just scan for errors, or by checking some options, try and repair .I followed the scan only instructions

5. To Only Scan the Drive for Errors
NOTE: This will just give you a report if there are any drive errors or not, and will not attempt to fix them.A) Leave both boxes unchecked and click on the Start button. (See screenshot below step 4)

So for each of the discs, I did the chkdisc scan, and it whipped thru all of them really fast, I'm talking about in less than a minute. On the one disk, I probably have 1 TB worth of data on of my internal drives, and a 1/2 TB worth of stuff on the c: drive All drives came back with no errors.

But this Acronis backup program support person had me run some utility of theirs to check for errors and they said based on the report I should run chkdisc on each of the discs. So that's what made me do it.

My questions are these....

1) should I trust that this superquick scan it did truly indicates that I don't have any problems on my discs?

2) Does Chkdisk have the capability of checking EXTERNAL drives?
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