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19 Mar 2012  

windows 7 home premium 64 bit

What is the reason you called Acronis support, in the first place? You never stated this. I understand the part about their utility scanner showing errors in the report. What were the specific errors which prompted them to recommend you run check disc? If you do not know, call them back and run their scanner, again. Write down what errors are in the report. We need more information to properly diagnose your issue. Otherwise, it's a guessing game. If the CHKDSK completed quickly, there is no problem detected. My CHKDSK does exactly the same as yours, finishes under 1 minute; And I have no problems with my system. If you are experiencing odd computer behavior, let us know the exact symptoms. If the Aronis software is not functioning properly, let us know what that issue is. We are here to help, that's want we do! If you and I cannot solve the issue, I will contact one of our highly skilled members or a site moderator to assist.

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