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20 Mar 2012  

W7 Ultimate x64
SCNJ-CU1000 Scythe Full Copper CPU Cooler on 1155 Socket Intel i7-2600

I bought the SCNJ-CU1000 Fully Copper CPU Cooler back in 2008, originally it was designed for 775 and 478 sockets. Not having that in my box (now) I saw the Universal Retention Kit 3 having seen that the Universal Retention Kit 3 was not compatible with my 1155 socket after all I have been advised that it will work with the mounting bracket I have been looking for here:
LGA1156 & 1366 Mounting Clips Note: on the German site it says it works with 1155 sockets as well as 1156 and seen as they both share the same size CPU I don't see any problem with this, do you?

I would like to hear from anyone that has fitted this solution!

I know there are a lot with these coolers still that want to use them. Even on the Scythe forums from years ago some OCs have posted about not being able to get this to work, they had the Full Copper cooler and the Universal Retention Kit 3 but still not able to fit it, so I am guessing this will be useful for everyone to know when they search.

I should probably edit or add posts for proper search terms later. Can anyone confirm this will work out right?
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