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20 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

-G: is an external and can be unplugged easily, so I will try that.
-I've ran the repair installation from the DVD on numerous occasions and it never noticed anything wrong, but will try again.
-I'm pretty sure I'm not running it from UEFI, but I'll take another look when I run the repair.
-The two RAW partitions were done on purpose; they shouldn't be an issue.
-When I attempted the GPT installation, I tried manually (similar to how you're showing above, just didn't assign a letter to the EFI partition) and tried automatically (letting the Windows installer choose for me after I booted from UEFI), but, as stated above, an error halted my progress.

Ultimately, I see the GPT as being the preferred method of formatting and installation, but that error message is occuring, so I cannot continue and must install the MBR as to get Windows running (this is my only computer by the way). Everything else to my knowledge is being done correctly. If you think modifying boot information with EasyBCD 2.1.2 (as it doesn't really have UEFI support) could ruin the information stored in NVRAM, read my thread that begins my first post, it's quite tricky. But I have gotten at least to the point where if I install Windows using the GPT method, I get the "Windows Boot Manager" to show up in the boot order, which is how it was when I first installed Windows and everything worked fine, which makes me desire the GPT method. I hate that after each failed attempt at a GPT install, I have to reinstall the MBR and Windows all over again, it's dreary, heh.

Will post back with any updates. Thanks.
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