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20 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 home premium 64 bit sp1
justan update

Hey, I did do another chk disk scan of my c: drive and it took almost 3 hours, after doing that I reran the Acronis system report.

Just to clarify something ... the acronis error or warning did not occur after instal... the program installed ok... I'm getting the warning when selecting the backup file and trying to open it in what they call "disc" mode. From my understanding that takes and recovers the entire disk. If you set it to "partition mode" than it will recover those partitions that are selected.

The first screen grab shows the warning message I am getting in the acronis backup program when trying to recover via " disc mode"

The second attachment is a screen grab of the windows event on the chkdisk scan and fix ... it is showing there were no errors.

The third is a screen grab of a PORTION of the Acronis system report... this was after doing the chk dsk. What I was told by the tech at acronis is where you see the E's within the very first 10 lines or so of the report, indicate errors to them. I have sent the report in to their forum, but don't have much hope based on past experience for any real good answers. So thats where I am at now....still stumped, and without any confidence that I could actually recover a backup.

A couple of chkdisk questions-acroniswarning_migrating.jpg
A couple of chkdisk questions-chkdisk_results.jpg
A couple of chkdisk questions-acronis_errors.jpg

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