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21 Mar 2012  

windows 7
Full screen mode.

I have an asus laptop. Top of the line and a 1080p screen and for a little while i was having troubles too but i found out how to get it to work.

Only reason fullscreen gets taken off is because it was probably a tab part of the chrome window you opened to begin with.

If you exit netflix (if opened), and open a separate new window and just go on netflix on that window (netflix only for separate window). You should be able to do fullscreen with no problem. If you go down to taskbar it should show two windows for netflix one thats black (original page) and the fullscreen thats actually playing.

It worked for me everytime as long as netflix is opened on a new chrome. If opened as a tab from original window, it will take off fullscreen because i believe it thinks your working on something else on that same window. Something like that.
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