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25 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Unable to fix Action Center notifications after virus Win64/Sirefef.B

Stupidly, I managed to get the Win64/Sirefef.B virus onto my PC.
Thankfully my virus scanner caught it before it could do any serious damage, but it's still left me with a few problems. Notably, the following:
  • Security Center service was removed (I've since fixed this)
  • Windows Firewall service was removed (I've since fixed this)
  • The Action Center tray notification icon (white flag) no longer appears.

It's the final item that I've still not managed to restore.
Ironically, from searching various forums, there appear to be more posts wanted to remove it than restore it, but I quite like having it there. If something disables my firewall, I want to know about it ASAP, and that's what it does.

Things I already know
I no longer have the virus, I'm 99% certain of that, I just need to get the Action Center tray notifications back.
It's NOT been blocked by a group policy setting, it simply isn't running at all.
I've checked against a working PC, and that has ActionCenter.dll and ActionCenter.dll.mui loaded by Explorer.exe. No process on my PC has these items loaded.

Things I've already tried
The group policy settings.
Turning on the Action Center system icon (I can't, it's greyed out).
The ActionCenter.dll and ActionCenter.dll.mui files do exist on my PC, for whatever reason, explorer.exe just isn't attempting to load them.

So, can anyone offer any suggestions? I'm prepared to try anything except reinstalling Windows. I know this would work, but it's way more trouble than I want to go to. It was take me weeks to re-configure everything.

Thanks for any help you can give!


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