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26 Mar 2012  

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Okay thanks. and well, my current computer wont boot up, and i was wondering if it would boot up if i installed my older HDD as a second drive and booted from it. which worked but it lags. its a laptop drive so i guess ill go and buy a 2.5" enclosure.
If I'm understanding correctly, your current computer still has its hard drive installed but it just won't boot up. That would most likely mean that hard drive still labeled as the C: drive. If you installed the older HDD as a second drive, it would have to become the new C: drive and the old C: drive (the one in the computer right now) would have to be called something else - like F: drive. Because having two C: drives would totally confuse the the boot manager (which C: drive am I supposed to boot from?) And that could really mess things up.

Then there's the problem with drivers. If the older HDD (now the new C: drive) doesn't have all the necessary drivers that the computer needs, or if it has drivers from some completely different computer, you'd have even more problems. So I think installing the older HDD in an enclosure and plugging into a working computer would be the easiest way to go.
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