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27 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 64 bit

The QVL for this board is about three years out of date however and around 90% of the RAM listed on the QVL is no longer available, that means I have to take my chances.

I found that with my last board that has just died too, actually finding RAM that was on the QVL was impossible, I googled each product number in turn and constantly it was deactivated, not available, even tried finding it second hand.

Well, well, plugged in 1 of the 4GB Crucial sticks and hey presto, straight into BIOS, changed back to AHCI and altered the basics like turning number lock off, all seems fine.

Cleared CMOS, installed the second Crucial 4GB stick and straight into BIOS again.

So far so good.

Rebooted after altering the settings again, straight into Windows. Excellent!

Checked system information, it said three days to activate Windows, tried the online activation but no success, it said try the automated phone line.

Rang the automated phone line and after entering a seriously long string of digits and verifying that I was only using the key on one computer, I was given another seriously long string of digits to enter, Windows is verified and activated.

Job done on the install, now for the new mission of the over-clock.

My old board used to report socket temp for the CPU at 43C on idle, that was with four pin CPU power, this board is reporting 27C on Idle, the cores are showing as 19C but with the +10 then that would equal 29C.

I have lapped both my CPU and my cooler in the meantime using 1000 and 2500 grit sandpaper, both are gleaming copper, good scrub with alcohol wipes, then application of MX4 Thermal paste.

Things are looking good so far!

Here is what I know so far:

The 1301 (latest) BIOS for this board does not allow you to manually set the CPU/NB voltage, I mean you can set it but it doesn't actually change the value, I have contacted ASUS about this, I think others are discovering the same thing.

My processor even though relatively cool at 57C as opposed to max of 62C when using the old board and Intel Burn Test, still refuses to get much past 4Ghz, on or two of the cores will always fail.

I haven't tried enabling the CPU over - voltage jumper yet which allows values up to 1.8!!, it is currently peaking at 1.55V allowable in BIOS although this is falling as low as 1.408V when under load, ASUS site says not to worry about this Vdroop and TBH, its not affecting stability at my current speeds.

The new board allows me a much higher NB frequency, I am currently stable at 3020Mhz.

in order to get this I have to run the HT link at 2520 in order to keep within two steps on the multipliers, I think I have spoke about this before and how this chip doesn't seem to like it if the multipliers are too far out of sink.

Its perfectly stable under Burn Test like this though on Very High Settings, I will retest with maximum settings shortly just to be sure.

This is what it looks like:

HT@ 252Mhz
CPU@ 4.017Ghz or 4017Mhz
NB@ 3020Mhz
Memory@ 1674Mhz 2 x 4GB at 8-8-8-24 DDR3 CR1
HT link@ 2520Mhz

I have gained about 5 or 6 Gflops over and above previous best and obviously the latency and overall data transfer rates are significantly better.

Maxx Memm now gives me 10.60GB/s score, as opposed to 8.65Gb/s

Couple of benchmarks;

Here is my new WEI::

My processor has gained 0.1 from 7.6 up to 7.7
My RAM has gained 0.2 from 7.6 up to 7.8

Ps. I know I should buy an SSD, am waiting for prices to become realistic!

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