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28 Mar 2012  
Coke Robot

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Rosetta Stone advice

Spring greetings all!

So here is my situation, I want to use the Rosetta Stone language learning software soon, but my old desktop mic died on me. I could replace it, but, I'm planning on buying a Bluetooth headset to pair up with my Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7 when it comes out April 8th.

My question is, could I use the Bluetooth headset for Rosetta Stone? I'm not sure if it would be ideal or not because I don't know about the voice quality. I don't want to sit there like a derp repeating the same word over and over in Rosetta Stone because the headset isn't vocally great.

But I don't really want to buy a new desktop mic because for one, they're weird. And secondly, I'd rather use that money to invest in a Bluetooth headset.

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