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28 Mar 2012  
Vir Gnarus

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I'm finding it very suspicious too. This also doing the same thing, despite being from Oct 2011.

Have you been rolling back by simply installing the old driver over the new, using the rollback driver feature, or completely uninstalling and installing the older drivers? I'd prefer the last option.

If you wish, you can test your video card using MemtestCL. Run a few passes of it. Note that it does not cover all functionality of the graphics card, primarily just the VRAM and some of the GPU functions. But it's a good solid test.

You may also run a couple more hardware tests just to make sure we aren't suffering a problem with some other hardware here for whatever reason:

RAM: Memtest86+ - 7+ passes
CPU: Prime95 - Torture Test; Large FFTs; overnight (9+ hours)

Of course it also goes without saying, if the video card or anything is overclocked, you will wanna reset it to factory defaults for the time being.

To be honest, given how utterly consistent these crashes are that are reported by DV, I can't see why it would be anything other than the NVidia drivers bugging out. Maybe you have some software installed recently that's causing the bug to manifest in the NVidia drivers. I'm not sure. One can't really analyze this much without at least a kernel dump to work with, as minidumps are too small and retain very little info. I just can't tell without more information right now.
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