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30 Mar 2012  

Win 7 Ultimate SP1

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Sometimes it is the motherboard, the chipset actually, or the chipset driver that is not playing nice with the particular external.
Also it can be the external drive itself, or the data cord, or the USB port that results in a transfer fault. You can test for this by plugging the drive into one of the rear USB ports that are connected to the motherboard, try all the USB ports, try a shorter/thicker data cable.
External drives that do not have a power supply and are powered only by USB are notorious for this. Some work better than others, even within the same model.

I run W7 and my external hard drive will run constantly if I let it, and I have not made any changes to my selective suspend settings from default. I believe your issue lies with your hardware.

The other thing I noticed were your 10 hard drives and RAID array. I can't help but wonder if that might have something to do with it.

well I can narrow it down to 1 thing - the OS - it dont do this running many versions of Linux, but it does with Windows 7 - yea it could be all those other things but at least Linux ignores these problems and keeps it running at all times - also I had Vista Ultimate before this with the same hardware and XP for a little bit also and both Vista and XP had no problem with the drive staying awake but Windows 7 does - the only reason I even run Windows is so I can play PC games other wise I would have nothing to do with this crappy OS I havent found anything in the last 12 years that I can do on Windows that I cant do on Linux except for play PC games and get a virus, lol

but I would be fine if it stayed off or on, now its off and then wakes up every 30-45 min just to go back to sleep after 1-2 min - but again only with Windows 7

I dont think I said anything about having 10 HD's but I only have 2 external ones that are USB, the rest are NAS and internal, way more then 10 HD though thats for sure
I ran into this problem recently on a New Win 7 64bit PC. I found that it was not sufficient to disable sleep mode for USB in pwer options but I had to check alldrives and it was necessary to additioanlly disable sleep for USB 3 drives
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