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31 Mar 2012  

Windows 7 Professional x64
PSU problem, 450W enough for RAID5 server?

I have 2 systems, my server (650W Corsair PSU) and my everyday one (450W Corsair PSU).

I recently upgraded the GFX card in my everyday one to a Powercolor HD 6870 after the guy promised me it would work with my 450W Corsair PSU. My system now becomes unresponsive and the screen displays nothing but blue stripes when I try to watch YouTube videos and such. So I guess the guy was wrong.

Now I have two choices:
  1. take the card back and get a 6850 (minimum recommendation from AMD is a 450W PSU)
  2. swap the PSU from the server and everyday computer

Since I need the graphics update (a budget level 6870 as I will probably upgrade the entire rig in 2 or 3 years), I am inclined to swap them but the stability of the server cannot be compromised.

My server has 6 1TB SATA2 Spinpoints in RAID5, one IDE bootdrive, and a XFX HD 5450 1GB.

Will 450W be enough for the server? Or is there a better course of action I have not seen?
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